In the past I have been hesitant about writing on topics until I thought I could go toe-to-toe with those who make their living and debate on those topics.  I have come to realize that I do have knowledge that is worth sharing.  It may not be comprehensive, but that should not be a prerequisite.  Sometimes you do not realize that their are people around you that want to hear what you have to say.  I have been reminded of this recently in a few different situations.  Part of my apprehension is that I do not like to write.  I have never liked to write.  Lately I have been trying to think about what I can bring to light that is new and not just a rehashing of what has already been said.  I hope to be able to explain some complicated topics related to apologetics and convey them in such a way that they are accessible to a much wider audience that has been typically available.  With that said, I would appreciate any feedback on anything you find here and do not understand so that I can better attempt to remedy the situation.