I am going to read thru all my Van Til books again in preparation for writing an article on apologetic methodology.  I also want to firm up my understanding of pressupositional  apologetics before I rewrite my article on the Cosmological argument since I have recently learned the criticisms of it from Greg Bahnsen.  There seems to be a lack of understanding of the pressupositional arguments against the traditional arguments for the existence of God.  I would like to explain this and hopefully reach a wider audience.  How many people have heard  the explanation of how the Cosmological argument necessarily shows a god that is not transcendent?  Sometimes it makes me wonder about the whole methodology when so many people who identify themselves as reformed apologists do understand some of these things.  What good is it if even our brothers and sisters in Christ do not understand our arguments let alone everyone else?  But still, I believe a better job can be done to communicate our message.  This will probably involve more teaching of logic and argumentation, philosophical discussions relevant to those found in the Bible, a bit of patience, prayer, perseverance, ...      


04/19/2017 10:34am

Wow, it was a pretty solid preparation! I want to read this article so much!

06/16/2017 12:39am

How does Bible connected here? Just can't understand that.


Sounds like you are taking that pretty serious. I don't blame you for that. You are a great person.


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